I use Debian squeeze by default.
Form time to time I search for brand new Linux distro with latest packege versions,
for Multimedia or gameing (using wine).

Ubuntu is closest to Debian cause it's Debian underneath!
There is a lot of good things on Ubuntu... 
Bud I rely struggle with Ubuntu... I did not like new Gnome style, it's clearly made for touch screens.
I use simple Desktop PC so I don't need that.
I tried to use "Ubuntu classic (no effects)" - my opinion: it's broken! 
Nautilus on sartup thinking too much...
Auto login is non functional yet... 
Somehow disappearing notification area...
Even on default apprentice of Ubuntu - a lot of buggy Gnome configuration...

Recently i got tip from a Friend - "Try Linux Mint"!
Mint is Ubuntu underneath... Repositories are the same...
Bud the result is amazingly different!!!
Performance is great! Strangely it's much faster than Ubuntu!
I came to conclusion, that the graphical interface is what dragged down Ubuntu...

There is all types of graphical interfaces for LINUX MINT.
I tied two of them (GNOME based MATE and KDE), both works amazing!

So I switching from UBUNTU to MINT!


For a server I stay with Debian squeeze! :)


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