Digital background color

I think in the old days, white screen with black letters was design to make an impression of sheet of paper. Now it still exists.
On Smart Phones and Tablets it's changing cause less white light means longer battery life. On the Desktop not a lot of normal people care. Unless that’s your style and You want to be unique.

My digital background's turning black not only cause its environment friendly, but the main reason is how it effects my eyes. I noticed that dark background while programming are less intense for my eyes.

It worth mention that, the room where you work also sloud be similre lighting as your computer screen. You also shloud look at the monitor a fiew degrees down and don't forget blink. This way your eyes will be less dray.  About blinking it's easier to say than done! :)

If you do tee or coffee break, to give your eyes a break you should look throw the window far far away.

I do not ware glasses!  At least Yet!

I have one weaker eye then the other. My vision changing during the week. If I would do eye test , ware you cover one eye and then have to see and say letters or animal names watching form the distance, on a Friday after intensive work week I most likely failed, but on Monday after a weekend in the village away and away from PC, I most likely pass the test.

So it's great that Qt-Creator can have a dark skin!


And "Sublime text" it's great by default. If You did not try yet, It's a great editor, definitely should try out!


Keep your eyes healthy :) and have fun programming!


Linux Mint 17 on Laptop Acer Aspire-E5-571G PART2

Linux Mint 17 on Laptop Acer Aspire-E5-571G PART1
  • Nvidia driver

I added this PPA
And install Nvidia-343 driver
I find out that prismusrun is alternative to optirun
  • Avoiding Video tearing while watching 60 fps video

VLC useless
Mplayer works only with Intel vaapi
$ export VDPAU_DRIVER=va_gl &&  mplayer -cache 8192 file.mkv 
XBMC kodi can use both Nvidia or Intel vaapi (default)
$ prismusrun kodi
$ kodi
Totem works with Nvidia
$ prismusrun totem
  • Gaming

I Instaled Wine1.7 and using prismus StartCraft II works!
$ prismusrun wine /path/to/StarCraft-II-Setup-enGB.exe
  • Resource

  • Note

Hard drive on this laptop is large 1TB, but not very fast. Thats why mplayer better works with bigger cache option. I came to conclusion that most of the lag is hard drive retailed. So I made a few more settings. Set swappiness to 1 (how to) ant added "noatime" to FSTAB.


Web chat on Raspberry Pi using nodejs

  • Writing image to SD card

 sudo dd bs=1M if=./2014-12-24-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/sdc

  • Installing nodejs and modules


I used this version: http://nodejs.org/dist/v0.11.7/
Newer versions "npm" not working, throws "Illegal instruction". 

  • Working chat app example


  • Javascript & JQuery tutorial