Linux Mint 17 on Laptop Acer Aspire-E5-571G PART4

  • Using Microphone

$ alsamixer 
Press F6 select sound card...  Set Mic Boost to 20 and disable Auto-Mute M (use arrow buttons)

Check audio device for capture audio from mic, by

$ cat /proc/asound/devices

  1:        : sequencer
  2: [ 0- 8]: digital audio playback
  3: [ 0- 7]: digital audio playback
  4: [ 0- 3]: digital audio playback
  5: [ 0- 0]: hardware dependent
  6: [ 0]   : control
  7: [ 1- 0]: digital audio playback
  8: [ 1- 0]: digital audio capture
  9: [ 1- 0]: hardware dependent
 10: [ 1]   : control
 33:        : timer

Try record for 20 seconds

arecord -f cd -D hw:1,0 -d 20 test.wav

It worked for me, I able to hear myself. 

Graphical "Sound Preferences" looks like not handle the device properly. To use mic with graphical apps you probably have to select the capture device manually.



Internet connection sharing with Raspberry Pi via Ethernet

My laptop is connected to internet via WiFi and I want to connect raspberrypi via Ethernet cable. I want to be able connect to raspberrypi via ssh and I also want for raspberrypi to be able access the internet. I have basic understanding about networks. And I think this task should event easier then setup a router. Bud it is not! Unless you know exactly what to do! You can find tips with a million terminal commands... You  can study advanced networks... bridging or nat and then run dhcp server... If you running a server this is all great! On a laptop you do not need all this...

Click Edit!

Change to "Shared to other computers"

Just my local network connection information, no voodoo magic!

First time I set this up! It did not work! Solution is: RESET laptop after configuration is done!

To find out raspberrypi IP:

rolas@Aspire-E5-571G ~ $ cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases
1434209461 b8:27:eb:75:89:01 raspberrypi ff:eb:75:89:01:00:01:00:01:1c:dd:60:6a:b8:27:eb:75:89:01