Small, low power NAS with Raspberry Pi

 * Raspberry Pi
 * SD Card 4GB
 * Power supply 5V 2A, with micro USB jack

User Application:

Web server for media streaming on Raspberry Pi

   Runs Lighttpd server. Performance: no problem streaming 9GB *.mkv movie.
   Test done with 1TB external HDD 3.5 USB2 NTFS partition;

   Easy addons (non tested):
             * Torrent Client: "transmission-daemon"
             * FTP server: "proftpd"
             * Use your imagination... =)


Raspberry Pi Type B Single Board Computer 512MB        £25.92  UK    (110LT)
SD Card 4GB (It would be better CL10)                               ~£5  UK        (22LT)
Power supply                                                                        ~ £6   UK        (26LT)

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