HTC one V


1. hands free & self unlock  at the end of the call. I use hands free, headphones&mic with wire, HTC original, came with the phone, I put the phone in the pocket & lock the screen, so when a call is over, it unlocks it self and then the phone going on the menu by random pocket touch...

2. forced sms spelling, next to language selection button defiantly  should be option for "no spelling"!

I use slang, or several languages in sms, and spelling just mess everything!
Almost nobody sms use for official stuff. I don't care how many grammatical mistakes I made,
 the important part the recipient understand my message!
It's a lame feature for most people, with hidden or non existing OFF switch.
If I find it, definitely will disable this feature!

3. sms sound can not be set by selecting a file. Why???
So I have to use a different app for sms, cause non of the default sounds are suitable...

4. ring tone , can be set by selecting mp3 file (GOOD),
    bud it's listed by the mp3 tags not by file names.

I have a large music mp3 library in a single folder (32GB micro sd card), and I gave another folder for a ringtones (10 files inside), Everything is mixed together, list is just very very large! And mp3 tags not sync with a file names, so searching for those 10 files is a Tragedy!!!

Moral dilemma:

I have no time play with tags... I love to listening for the music, I know ware may favorite music file's is, A don't care about tags... maybe it works fine for some one how have nothing to do in life... Or he edit tags as a type relaxation, after work... Or have only couple albums in the phone...

For People who sort music library by files, really good Android app "Folder player"!

5. Time zone ISSUE - (I believe it will be fixed sun)

Home Location shows the right time , bad the clock in the top right corner not. Solution - disable automatic time sync, and set time manually (it also will effect the home location time ). Phone time now ok, but app's get time not form one place, example sms listed not in the right order...
Incoming sms get's time form Home Location (so it's wrong), Outgoing form the phone. Sms list will look like the response send previously then the request.

6. FM radio - BAD, always jumping white nose, even in the City, no volume down feature during white nose, very annoying!
For Compare, Iriver Clicks in the same places - works just fine and even the place where radio signal is poor it has volume down control during withe noise

The newest "USER FRIENDLY TOPIC" - "let's hide file browser" - IT'S JUST SUPER IDIOTICALLY STUPID!!!! 


I tiered wait for fixes, I will do it by my self xda-developers.com , by by HTC...
I will post the results! Yet it is only decision! Friends did that, so it can be hard!


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