Internet connection sharing with Raspberry Pi via Ethernet

My laptop is connected to internet via WiFi and I want to connect raspberrypi via Ethernet cable. I want to be able connect to raspberrypi via ssh and I also want for raspberrypi to be able access the internet. I have basic understanding about networks. And I think this task should event easier then setup a router. Bud it is not! Unless you know exactly what to do! You can find tips with a million terminal commands... You  can study advanced networks... bridging or nat and then run dhcp server... If you running a server this is all great! On a laptop you do not need all this...

Click Edit!

Change to "Shared to other computers"

Just my local network connection information, no voodoo magic!

First time I set this up! It did not work! Solution is: RESET laptop after configuration is done!

To find out raspberrypi IP:

rolas@Aspire-E5-571G ~ $ cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases
1434209461 b8:27:eb:75:89:01 raspberrypi ff:eb:75:89:01:00:01:00:01:1c:dd:60:6a:b8:27:eb:75:89:01


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