Splitting merging and converting audio files on Linux is easy

I always try to avoid lossy audio formats but sadly it is not always possible.
Three days a week my trip to work takes about 75min x 2.
Radio some times annoy me.  May Car CD player supports only Audio disks.
So by now I have 35 of them...
Half of them is not music. I have documentary audio, vocabulary course, etc...
Depending on the mood, some times smart people talking, makes the time on the trip go faster... 
It's very inconvenient to manage CD while driving when you have more then 4. Also They scratch constantly... 
So I bought FM Modulator. It's not very expensive and it's a little bit better solution. My FM Modulator support only *.mp3 and *.wma formats.

Now instead of burning CD's, I make proper *.mp3 file to SD card.

It is gratifying that there is a graphical tools on Linux, that is really easy to use.



Only one thing I do in command line is:

$ normalize-audio ./file.mp3

IMPORTANT: every time you convert file to lossy audio format, you always loose quality. So if you need final result to be for example *.mp3, make sure you converted only once!


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