Desktop Environment's for Linux MINT



  It looks really cool, bud too much sparkles for every day work...

  Today looks best! I did try Mint cinnamon 16.
The Ideas I like a lot!
* Great art work.
* Work space switcher by the mouse in the top left corner.
* Managing windows by dragging them to the sides or top.
Very useful features.
Bud sorry it's to buggy...
* Unable connect to hidden Wifi, Network settings window crash every time.
* I try organize panel content - unsuccessful.
* Some thing wrong with the package manager (I believe it's fixable).
Experience was similar to Ubuntu bugs in the passed, it was Ubuntu version 12.10 (don't know how it is now).
So I guess I have to wait for more stable Cinnamon, and stick to Mate for now. 

  Good! I enjoy it! (Mint 14)

I try live Mint Mate 16 - still great!
Unfortunately installation has some issues.
* Proprietary Drivers Installer works, bud nviadia xconfig tool not.
* there are some issue with desktop fonts when nvidia driver is activated.

* Have to fix repository list, for some reason live version repository list are different from installed version (Cinnamon 16 has the same issue). 

Gnome (not available with Mint)
Looks better last realise, bud BIG NO! I don't like the idea!
Touch screen menu doesn't help you work
faster or easier on non touch screen PC!  
Gnome plans integrate all social web like facebook and etc... to desktop environment, I never going to be interested in that! 

I don't know yet... Have to read & see more...

P.S. "The thing that works for every case it actually does not work in any case!" OR "What is suitable for everything, often is good for nothing...".

The same menu for touchscreen and for non touchscreen PC is just stupid!
At least I did not see good one yet...  I believe it should be two different work modes. It would be great if they switch dynamically. Selecting the mode during installation it would be also not bad.

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