Favorite Linux applications

Video Player: mplayer
               without skin 

Media Center: xbmc  (PC video on TV)
            This is the reason for baying HTPC not a player with embedded software inside...

Music Player: deadbeef
         Preferred  lossless audio (flac)

Mail Client: gnome evolution mail
          on Debian works better then on Mint or Ubuntu

Internet Browser: Firefox

Text Editor: Medit
          For those how like notepad++ on Windows, I think, Medit is the best choice on Linux

Torrent Client: Deluge

Calculator: Galculator
         for hex to bin & dec to hex ...

Disk & Partition Tools: Gnome disk utility
        Debian squeeze version only (bad update for Ubuntu or Mint)

Home server: lighttpd,proftpd

Communication: skype beta
        I gonna use skype until this version works (updates not welcome!)
        Now tying to find free & so-so working voip client, no success jet.

USB Boot disk creator: unetboot

Development: Qt-SDK, Codelite-IDE

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